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Answer a few simple questions and our team will configure your theme tailored to your brand and overall business goals.  Advanced also includes an online store, social feeds, more designerly theme settings and page setup with content migration.

Design Review

Meet with a Project Manager to review theme options tailored to your brand and page setup that caters to your overall goals.

Page Setup & Content Migration 

In addition to setting up your homepage we'll complete 10 interior pages to help expedite setup with content migration.

Advanced Theme Settings

Expanded creative options to do more with typography, background images, gradients, textures header config and more. 


Start selling on your website with the new RediSite Store, an integrated easy-to-use shopping cart.

Google Translate

Instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

Q. What Makes a Home Page, a Home Page?

It's true, our content managment allows for a lot of flexibility. We have honed our process to look for your communication goals and gets us in the mind-set of what your website visitors will be looking for. We take you through a series of questions that helps guide us with what kind of presence your home page will have and what priority to put on those items in. Here are some of the elements you can utilize.

Social Feeds

Display social media posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on any page throughout your website.


Slider displays up to 10 images and is configurable in numerous ways with or without headline text.


Have a lot of smaller photos? Use Collage instead of Slider to render attractive groupings of your images.

News/Blog Feed

Extra, extra, read all about it. Show your visitors the latest or featured posts from your web log on your website.  


Attention! You've got short, time sensative messages? This is just the tool to tell your visitors all about them.

Calendar Feed

Your visitors will be in the know with a feed of calendar events that can even be pulled from your PlusPortals calendar and more!


Introduce your school with an area where you can present a welcome message, images, calls to action and more.

Call to Action

Got an action you want your visitors to take? This element is all-purpose. Render images, buttons and more.

Video (YouTube/Vimeo)

Got a story in video format? Bring it into your RediSite from the two most popular video hosting sites on the planet. 

Action Tiles

Utilize your images to create a grid of links to any page on your website or even off-site for your visitors.

Icon Tiles

Render facts and values with over 15 different icon font libraries or use your own icon graphic.

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