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Contacts Staff Directory

Import, group, and centrally manage contact profiles that you display on your school website. 

Build a staff directory

Create, import and group contacts into sortable lists.
Mrs. Sandra Castaneda
Mr. Nickolas Fuentes
Assistant Principal
Madilyn Odonnell
Director of Admissions

Display a contact person

A contact can appear in many places which can be difficult to manage over time when something changes. Having a centralized database avoids redundant tasks, make a change to a record updates the details everywhere the contact is displayed.
Photograph of Mrs. Sandra Castaneda
Mrs. Sandra Castaneda

Manage profile display

How much information you display about each person can be as simple or detailed as you want.  If you are a blog author you may decide to include a brief bio that will appear on each post, if you're a board member you may request to hide your email address and phone.  Simply click the fields you want to show or hide.

Easy management

Search, filter, group, batch edit, and import contacts right from the dashboard.
Contacts dashboard
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