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Display notices and alerts on your website.

Central Command 

Announcements works great on it's own and you can connect to your PlusPortals feeds all in one convenient view.
Announcements Dashboard

Categorize and Filter 

Organize and sort announcements any way that makes sense, by department, club, team etc., or display all.

Sync with PlusPortals 

Display one or more feeds from PlusPortals and sync public announcement with RediSite.

Announcement Pages

Optionally create landing pages for longer posts and use blocks to post downloads, images and more.

Set it and forget it

Schedule notices to be shown exactly at the right time and automatically expire.


Display anywhere with style 

Announcements are not only customizable to where they can be displayed, but also in appearance. Change the style to render messages as an alert, or news list on your homepage or department page. 

Alert Bar

This style is displayed in the header where the notifications have to be concise and clear, additional details are revealed in a lightbox popup.


Announcement Lists have more room to spare a few extra characters to include a teaser description, thumbnail, dowload, or action to click for more details.


Display announcements lists in columns.

Block Settings

Add the Announcement block anywhere you want to output a list of announcements or alerts. Filter and categorize notices in the dashboard for more granular control.

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